“King Stach’s Wild Hunt”, Uładzimir Syamyonavich Karatkievich — in 4 languages: read and download bilingual book

Uładzimir Syamyonavich Karatkievich

King Stach’s Wild Hunt

Author: Уладзімір Сямёнавіч Караткевіч

Original title: Дзікае паляванне караля Стаха

Original language: Belorussian

Date of publication: 1964

A young ethnographer Andrej Biełarecki comes to Polesie to study local legends. However, he did not suspect what horrors were happening in these places. Intrigues, murders, mysteries. This is a real Belarusian mystical thriller-detective, which keeps the reader in suspense to the last.

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